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Santa Claus is an old man who delivers presents to children and lives up a mountain near the camp.
He was played by Harrison White.



Secret Santa[]

When Tiffany, Zuri, Xander, and Jorge get lost in the woods, they find a cabin. Jorge even uses the bathroom there. The old man owning the cabin tells them the way back to camp but treats them slight harshly. Outside the cabin, Jorge smiles and tells them that he is Santa. After some time, Tiffany and Jorge pay him another visit. Then, finally, Tiffany, Zuri, Xander, and Jorge pays the old man a visit. Then, the old man accidentally says "Or maybe back to Denver where he came from!" Jorge then smiles and asks the old man how he knew he was from Denver. The old man confessed he was Santa Claus, but he was done with Christmas because that a delivery man can easily give a child a gift. He thought he was useless. Then, Tiffany, Zuri, Xander, and Jorge pays Santa another visit. They decorate Santa's cabin with Christmas decorations. Santa realises he doesn't just give presents, but joy! Santa says that Tiffany, Zuri, Xander, and Jorge are on the top of the nice list. His laugh and bells on his sleigh are heard at the end of the episode.

How the Griff Stole Christmas[]

Santa says that one of his reindeer cannot fly. He has Jorge, Zuri, and Tiffany babysit his reindeer that cannot fly. In the end, he gives Griff a harmonica, something that Griff has always wanted!


Santa Claus is a kind, caring, and nice old man. He often has a giving spirit and is funny but sometimes awkward. This is seen in How the Griff Stole Christmas as he gave Griff a harmonica. He also tricks Jorge by giving him an expired Naughty List Removal Coupon. Santa also doesn't make the best dietary choices(considering that in Secret Santa, he was shown eating cookies) Santa even confessed it!


So I don't make the best dietary choices!
You guys are definitely are one the top of the nice list.


  • Harrison White plays the recurring role of "Police Chief Robert Gossman" on The Villains of Valley View.