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I grew up in my parent's Nature Preserve. So, animals taught me everything I know.
Scout to Destiny and Winnie.

Scout is a new camper to Dusty Tush, Wyoming's Kikiwaka Ranch and assigned to Mustang Cabin. She has led a rather sheltered life in her parent's Nature Preserve. Living with so many animals, Scout picked up many of their traits, but is eager to make friends with other human beings.
She is played by Brandilyn Cheah.




  • Scout's rapport with other living creatures is so profound, that apparently, she can communicate with them.
  • She claims her best friend is a snake.
  • She attended an Elk family reunion in Me, Myself, and A.I. but it was not made certain if it was the surname of a human family, or a herd of actual elk.
  • Scout has read Michelle Obama's 2022 book The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times.
  • Scout has no literary or cinematic knowledge of Doctor Dolittle, Hugh Lofting's character famed for talking with animals.
  • Animals Scout can communicate with: (* Denotes depicted onscreen)
    • Monkeys
    • Seals
    • Turkeys*
    • Snakes*
    • Cheetahs
    • Skunks*
    • Goats*
    • Buffalo*
    • Lions
    • Geese*
    • Cows*
    • Mountain Lions
    • Chickens*
    • Moose
    • Reindeer*
    • Puffins
    • Polar Bears
    • Horses
    • Humming Birds
    • Fire Death Dragons*
  • Brandilyn Cheah portrayed "Lisbeth Jorgenson" in the The Grand Booker-Pest Hotel episode of Raven's Home, and "Lily Chang" in the Best Friends For Life episode of Pretty Freekin Scary.


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