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Season 6 of Bunk'd was officially announced on December 15, 2021.[1] Production wrapped on September 21, 2022. [2] It represents the first sixth season order for a series in Disney Channel history. The season, with the title change of Bunk'd: Learning the Ropes, premiered on June 10, 2022[3] and concluded on May 21, 2023.


Lou, Parker, Destiny and Noah arrive at the soon-to-be Kikiwaka Ranch in Dusty Tush, Wyoming, where Lou must convince the surly owner, aka ‘The Marshal’ to officially sell the property to her. In the meantime, counselors Noah and Destiny have their hands full with the newly arrived campers, including Bill, a no-nonsense descendant of famous cowboy Bill Pickett who prefers roping cattle to hanging out with friends; Winnie, a fearless girl who’s earned the nickname ‘Wild Winnie’ by breaking the rules and occasionally blowing things up; and Jake, a laid-back, easy-going boy who also happens to be a video-gaming fanatic.[4]


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Season 6 (2022-2023)

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Confirmed dates

These are episodes that have confirmed titles and dates.

No. Ep. Title Original air date Prod.


U.S. viewers


110 1 "Learning the Ropes" June 10, 2022 601 0.26
Lou buys a ranch in Wyoming and starts a new camp. Lou and Parker must convince The Marshal to sell them the ranch. Noah and Destiny clash with new campers Bill, Jake, and Winnie. 
111 2 "Never a Dull Moo-ment" June 17, 2022 602 N/A
Parker learns about the ranch's history. Destiny struggles with her first assignment as a counselor. Noah gets curious about what Bill does in his free time.
112 3 "Worst Aid" June 24, 2022 603 0.14
Winnie plans a risky stunt, to secretly audition for a reality stunt show, with Bill and Jake's help. Lou and Noah teach first aid to Destiny and Parker, but Destiny struggles under the pressure.
113 4 "Wrecks Marks the Spot" July 1, 2022 604 0.15
Bill searches for treasure with Destiny’s reluctant help and despite Lou’s disapproval. Parker and Noah plan a dance performance but struggle to include Jake.
114 5 "The Truth Will Sweat You Free" July 8, 2022 605 0.16
Noah gets a mascot job downtown for The Marshal’s unsavory new business. Parker asks Lou and Bill to teach him how to be a rancher. Destiny gets hooked on Jake’s video games.
115 6 "Where the Buffalo Betties Roam" July 15, 2022 606 0.16
Lou, Bill and Destiny must get the jade compass back from a group of haughty socialites. Parker tries to improve the ranch with Winnie’s help. Jake and Noah get a new roommate.
116 7 "A Recipe for Disaster" July 22, 2022 607 0.23
A child genius asks Parker and Bill to help her learn to have fun, while Destiny gets Winnie a drum set as an outlet for her energy. Lou and Jake set out to revitalize the food.
117 8 "Back in the Saddle" July 29, 2022 608 0.11
With Lou’s help, Destiny competes in the Dusty Tush Rodeo Pageant. Parker, Winnie and Jake build a parade float, and Bill and Noah get an announcing job at the rodeo.
118 9 "Bunkhouse of Horror" September 25, 2022 611 0.17
A mysterious handyman tells the camp three spooky stories set on the ranch involving a cursed bracelet, a possessed scarecrow, and a magic wishing well.
119 10 "Hauntin’ Around the Christmas Tree" December 2, 2022[5] 612 0.11
While planning an over-the-top Christmas bash, Parker encounters several ghostly visitors who teach him the true meaning of the holiday.
120 11 "Hope You Geyser Ready to Go!" January 2, 2023 609 0.13
Lou wants a group picture in front of an active geyser that only erupts every 15 years, so Parker must get everyone up and ready so they can make it there in time.
121 12 "The Song Remains a Pain" January 2, 2023 610 0.13
Lou wins an award from a magazine, but Bill is suspicious of the reporter’s motives. Parker and Jake prep Noah for a date. Destiny and Winnie try to write a song for their cabin.
122 13 "Art Imitates Life" January 13, 2023 613 0.15
Jake displays an unusual talent, which reveals secrets around the camp. Winnie is eager to ride a horse, and Bill tries to cover up a mistake.
123 14 "Wild West Side Story" January 20, 2023 614 0.13
A new dance camp has started nearby, presenting challenges to Lou and Parker. Bill and Noah go fishing, and Winnie struggles with sleep deprivation.
124 15 "The Wrath of Con" January 27, 2023 615 0.11
A local convention featuring Noah’s movie is disrupted by an unexpected star. Meanwhile, the Marshal’s niece comes to camp, and Jake thinks he’s discovered something in the lake.
125 16 "Finn It to Win It" February 3, 2023 616 0.08
Finn visits Kikiwaka Ranch on a mission, Bill’s new pet causes problems, and Winnie tries to fix a lock with disastrous results.
126 17 "Alpaca-lypse Now" February 17, 2023 617 0.11
Destiny, Bill and Parker must stall a livestock auction to retrieve a clue in the treasure hunt, Jake works on a gift for his moms, and Noah practices stunts.
127 18 "The Wicked Switch of the West" February 24, 2023 618 0.10
When Winnie becomes counselor for a day, Destiny decides to show her how her reckless behavior affects others. Meanwhile, Noah receives some bad news, and Lou plans a livestream.
128 19 "No Pain, No Grain" March 3, 2023 619 0.12
Winnie helps her brother Wayne propose to his boyfriend during their visit to the camp. Lou and Destiny teach Bill about self-care, and Parker finally gets his own place to stay.
129 20 "Shoe Drops and Chili Plops" March 12, 2023 620 0.09
Noah and Parker compete to win a pair of designer shoes. Bill enters a chili competition. Lou finds an old landline phone in the mess hall.
130 21 "Pickett Fencing" March 12, 2023 621 0.09
Bill’s twin sister Jill visits, ruining his hopes for a low-key birthday. Destiny and Jake suspect that Lou found the Lost Treasure of Dusty Tush. Noah teaches Winnie to fence.
131 22 "Model Citizen" March 19, 2023 622 N/A
Parker is nervous about his citizenship test. Destiny asks Jake to model her new clothing line. Noah takes Bill to the local ice cream shop, and Bill struggles to pick a flavor.
132 23 "Camp Fails and Beaver Tails" March 26, 2023 623 0.11
Unsupervised for the day, Winnie, Bill and Jake canoe to an island in the middle of Lake Tush. Parker wants to create a new camp activity. Lou helps Noah build a bookcase.
133 24 "Tap'd Out" April 2, 2023 624 0.18
Lou gets invited to join a Dusty Tush secret society; Jake is upset as he does not feel strong, so Noah and Bill make it seem like he's stronger; Winnie learns to dance.
134 25 "Badminton to the Bone" April 9, 2023 625 0.10
While treasure hunting, Destiny, Bill and Winnie get trapped in a bank vault. Jake helps Lou and Parker find common ground. Noah finds out Megan has an ultra-competitive side.
135 26 "For Letter or Worse" April 16, 2023 626 0.09
Destiny must plan the Tush Heritage Festival. Lou, Bill and Jake must resort to old-school transportation methods to pick up the BBQ. Parker tells Victoria how he feels.
136 27 "Butter You Doing Here?" April 23, 2023 627 0.07
Noah and Destiny must work with Ken, “The Perfect Counselor.” Jake tells Winnie that she’s one of his best friends. Bill enters a Future Ranchers of Dusty Tush competition.
137 28 "Writer's Locked" May 7, 2023 628 0.11
Lou invites her biggest fan, Oliver, to the camp to read her latest book. Noah gets invited to attend the premiere of his first movie. Parker asks Bill and Jake to watch his dog.
138 29 "Most Wanted" May 14, 2023 629 N/A
Winnie is accused of causing a stampede. Noah asks Parker and Megan to help him choose his next acting role. Bill gets “Most Changed” in his camp yearbook and spirals.
139 30 "Desperate Treasures" May 21, 2023 630 0.09
Desperate to save the ranch, Winnie, Bill and Jake decide to finish the hunt for the Dusty Tush treasure. Meanwhile, Lou, Parker and the counselors decide to hold a telethon.


  • This season makes Bunk'd officially the longest running live-action Disney Channel Original Series.
  • Destiny gets a new hairstyle starting this season.
  • Erin Dunlap returns as executive producer and sole showrunner for Season 6. David Booth, Valerie Ahern, Eric Schaar, and star Miranda May serve as executive producers this season.
  • This season is renamed to Bunk'd: Learning the Ropes. It is the sixth live-action Disney series to have a name change after Hannah Montana Forever, Jonas L.A., Lab Rats: Bionic Island, Liv and Maddie: Cali Style and Kirby Buckets: Warped.
  • This is the third season of the revamp, set within the Jessie universe as the franchise ended with Season 3.
  • Raphael Alejandro, Will Buie Jr, and Shelby Simmons left the show, with three new campers replacing them. This marks the 4th time where a new set of characters replace the old characters in a new season (the first is Kevin, Nathan and Nina being replaced by Mallory, Raphael and Will; the second is Peyton, Karan and Skai being replaced by Shelby, Scarlett and Israel; and the third is Scarlett being replaced by Trevor).
  • The theme song has revamped in a country style. This mark the fourth time where the theme song is change.
  • As of December 15, 2021, Bunk'd has made Disney Channel history. This season makes Bunk'd the first Disney Channel Original Series to get renewed for a sixth season.
    • Miranda May is the only main cast member to have appeared in all 6 seasons, appear in every episode and stay throughout the series run.
    • Likewise, Mallory James Mahoney is the only cast member from Season 3 to appear in every season from then on.
  • The season was originally ordered to have 25 episodes, but five additional episodes were ordered, bringing the total up to 30 episodes and the series up to 139 episodes.
  • Finn Sawyer paid a surprise visit to Kikiwaka Ranch this season, making him the fifth Bunk'd character to return to the series after originally being written off, after Hazel Swearengen, Mrs. Kipling, Emma Ross and Gwen Flores.
  • This season became available on Netflix on June 20, 2023.


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