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The Marshal was the former owner of the Dusty Tush Ranch, which Lou converted into Kikiwaka Ranch.
He is played by Thom Rivera



Season 6[]

Season 7[]


  • He is the former owner of the Dusty Tush Ranch.
  • His true name is Marshal but insists on adding "The" because he is fancy.
  • The Marshal's family acquired Dusty Tush Ranch on June 10, 1821.
  • He is the curator of the Dusty Tush Museum.
    • He moved the museum to a Main Street location.
  • He is a County Judge for Dusty Tush.
  • He claimed to have had an older brother, but it may have been part of his fictional legend about the curse of the ghost cow, Abigail.
  • He formerly owned Armidilla Sarsaparilla Shoppe but traded it to get Fuzzywuv, the Alpaca.
  • Reportedly, he owns a spittoon with Lou's face on it.
  • His family has a claim on a gold mine with no gold,
  • He states he is 49 in For Letter or Worse.
  • His Nana is an active senior citizen that does MMA on the weekends.
  • Both he and his niece, Marsha, refer to him as "The Uncle."
  • He prefers to sing alone.
  • He refers to his wife as "Mrs. The Marshal."
  • He used to be the mayor of Dusty Tush.
  • His birth certificate is buried on a beach in The Philippines.


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