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Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka[]

I'm studying for the national spelling bee! If I don't win, my mom won't let me come home. My brother lost last year, and I haven't seen him in 10 months.
Lou, I don't have time to play foosball! I need to finish my college applications!
No one told me there was gonna be a spelling bee!
Nothing's scarier than my mom if I don't get an A!

Gone Girl[]

My mom's never even let me try candy.
Candy is amazing. I just memorized all of Shakespeare's plays, and now, I'm going to read War and Peace. Those Russians are wacky!
I need more candy. Give me some or I'll squeeze the nougat out of you!
I need candy. I need candy. I need candy!
This wrapper lied! There's no honey in this soap!
There's gotta be some sap in this tree! Sweet, sweet sap. Mmm!
I can't believe my mom's never let me play a video game before! This is amazing!