Tiffany and Zuri is the friendship pairing between Tiffany Chen and Zuri Ross. They are bunkmates in Camp Kikiwaka. They are portrayed by Nina Lu and Skai Jackson.

Fan Names

  • Zany (Z/uri and Tiff/any)
  • Zuny (Zu/ri and Tiffa/ny)
  • Ziffany (Z/uri and T/iffany)
  • Zuffany (Zu/ri and Ti/ffany)
  • Zuriny (Zuri and Tiffa/ny)
  • Zurny (Zur/i and Tiffa/ny)
  • Tifi (Tif/fany and Zur/i)
  • Turi (T/iffany and Z/uri)
  • Tiffi (Tiff/any and Zur/i)


Season 1

Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka

  • They are both enemies at the start of the episode.
  • Zuri described everything as fun while Tiffany wanted it to be a competition.
  • Zuri doesn't know what's more toxic: Tiffany's attitude or what she left in the toilet so she followed Emma into the woods.
  • The girls reconcile their friendship.
  • Zuri threw Tiffany's flashcards into the fire and her textbook on the ground.
  • Zuri said that she wants Tiffany to have fun and if that's the last thing she'll ever do.
  • Zuri said that with her street smarts and Tiffany's book smarts, they will rule the camp.

Gone Girl

  • Zuri stuffed candy in Tiffany's mouth.
  • Zuri claimed that Tiffany was fine.
  • Zuri tried to get the video game from Tiffany.

The Ones That Got Away

  • They partnered for the Camp Kikiwaka fishing competition since everyone else already has partners.
  • They both didn't want to be each other's partner at first.
  • Tiffany followed Zuri's plan to cheat.
  • They worked together to get the bass out of the kitchen.
  • Tiffany says Zuri never takes anything seriously and only wants to have fun.
  • They ended up fishing spaghetti out of the cafeteria trash can as a punishment.

Boo Boos and Birthdays

  • Zuri distracted Tiffany so that Emma and Lou can plan a birthday party for Tiffany.
  • Zuri and Tiffany ran back to camp after being chased by a moose.

Xander Says Goodbye

  • They both blamed each other for stealing their things (Tiffany's violin and Zuri's tablet).
  • They discover Gladys took it.
  • They sneak in Gladys' cabin to try to find their stuff.


  • They are both female.
  • They are bunkmates.
  • They are both a part of Camp Kikiwaka.
  • They both have dark hair and dark eyes.
  • They are assumed to be the same age.
  • They are both smart.
  • They are both woodchucks.


  • Zuri has a fun personality; Tiffany is more of a perfectionist.
  • Zuri seems to be rebellious; Tiffany seems to follow rules and stick to the status quo.
  • Zuri is street smart; Tiffany is book smart.
  • Zuri has a firm but loving Adoptive Mother; Tiffany has a biological one that's learning to be more loving.


Zuri: That was actually really fun! [pushes aside the mentor]
Tiffany: Fun? Forget fun! Focus!
Zuri: Who cares, it's just a game!
Tiffany: I care! If we don't win best cabin, then I can't win best camper and if I don't win best camper, I won't go to Harvard which means I won't go to Harvard medical school which will kill my mother, do you want to kill my mother?!
Tiffany: It might be nice to have a little fun.
Zuri: Great, tonight, I'm going to teach you how to stuff things in your pillow to hide stuff!


  • They are bunkmates.
  • They are both woodchucks.


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