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Timmy was a recurring minor character during the first three seasons of Bunk'd.
He was played by Nate Stone.


Season 1[]

Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka[]

In his first appearance, Timmy was one of the many campers to attend Camp until Gladys informed him that his parents' check bounced and kicked him out of the camp to wait for them to pick him.

No Escape[]

It was later revealed that Timmy's parents have not picked him up yet as he is seen outside the camp gate with the same clothes he wore when he was kicked out and never took a shower, As Gladys returned to camp with food she informs Timmy that he's still on campgrounds and made him move to the left. Later in the end when Zuri and Jorge head to town again they invite Timmy to come along, which they jokingly said he needed money to come with them and all three headed to town.

Bride and Doom[]

Near the end of the episode Timmy appeared again, telling Hazel his parents finally sent the check for camp, only to be told that they misspelled Kikiwaka and Timmy had to sleep outside again, with Hazel taking back the blanket he got as it's Camp Property, forcing him to sleep in the cold.

Season 2[]

Camp Kiki-Slasher[]

Timmy returns back to camp, but this time disguised as a killer to get revenge on Gladys for kicking him out of camp. While planning, he enlisted the help of the campers to pull a Friday the 13th prank on her by pretending to kill them. Later in the end, while Gladys did say she liked the prank he did, she offers him to come to camp, even offering him to bunk in her cabin, which frightened Timmy and forced him to run back into the woods.

Bad Dog![]

Near the end of the episode after Emma, Zuri, and Tiffany built a doghouse for Chuck. He was found inside of the doghouse. Timmy came out and asked if he can bunk with Chuck, only to be told that Chuck can only live there and that he had to go back into the woods, but not before snatching Chuck's bone.

Season 3[]

We Can't Bear It![]

He made a small non-speaking cameo when Lou counted the campers and discovered the count to be 81 instead of an even 80, as Timmy hid in the crowd, only to be discovered by Emma who shoos him away.

Up, Up and Away[]

Timmy appears in the season finale at the end when Doug and his Kikiwaka mother are walking through the woods. Timmy finally admits that he's given up on going to camp and decided to live the rest of his life as a semi-feral boy, even being friends with Doug and his parents as he begins his new life with his new family.


Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]


  • Bride and Doom is the first episode where Timmy has dialogue.
  • Both Gladys and Hazel mention Camp Property to Timmy as he waited outside.
  • He returns in Camp Kiki-Slasher but doesn’t want to stay because of Gladys.
  • He is mentioned in Love is for the Birds, when Zuri and Tiffany are letting go of Shelly, at Lou's orders. They referenced him by saying "leave it in the forest, like Gladys left Timmy."
  • Up, Up and Away is Timmy's final appearance as he decided to live as a semi-feral boy from now on, not knowing that the camp is under new management and that he can be allowed to live in the camp.
  • It is unknown how Timmy was able to live in the forest without resources (food, water, shelter) for three consecutive months every three years. Though it is possible that he might have snuck into the mess hall a few times, his decision to permanently live in the forest with the Kikiwaka family and migrate out of Maine would have ultimately lead to his eventual death via exposure, dehydration, starvation, illness, and/or predation.
    • Normally it's illegal to leave a minor outside in the campgrounds without adult supervision, when exposed to harmful elements. Thus, Gladys, Hazel, Lou, Xander, Ravi, Emma, and the other camp counselors, CITs, employees, and possibly Timmy's parents would very well be held liable for Timmy's hypothetical demise, and all be charged for child neglect/abandonment/endangerment.