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Shakira teaches at Kikiwaka?
Victoria's response to Parker's claim his camp has the greatest dancer in the world.

Victoria Vance was a resident of Dusty Tush, Wyoming, that dreamed of creating a place where she could teach Dance. In pursuit of that goal, she acquired the land adjacent to Kikiwaka Ranch, and established the Victoria Vance Dance Camp.
She is played by Jordan Clark.




  • Victoria claims her flexibility is due to having fewer bones than an ordinary human.
  • She is said to be on a vacation in Tap'd Out.
  • She agrees to start dating Parker Preston in For Letter or Worse.
  • Victoria and Parker get engaged in Busk a Move. Their initial engagement ring is actually a ring of fried calamari.
    • It was revealed in Iguana Be Best Man that Parker's grandmother sent an heirloom ring to replace it.
  • Jordan Clark has appeared in uncredited roles in the DCOMs Camp Rock 2 and Frenemies.
  • Trevor Tordjman and Jordan Clark are married in real life.
  • Victoria and Parker will be engaged to marry in the second half of the final season. This will make them the second couple in Bunk'd to get engaged, followed by Wayne Webber and Nicholas. This will make them the 3rd couple in the Jessie franchise overall to get engaged, followed by Jessie Prescott and Brooks Wentworth.


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