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"We Didn't Start the Fire" is the twentieth episode in Season 2 of Bunk'd, and the forty-first overall. It aired on April 28, 2017 to 1.18 million viewers.


To celebrate their last night at camp, the kids go on an overnight camping trip. Ravi and Emma take their final tests to become counselors. As they take their overnight tests, a fire spreads through the camp, destroying the Grizzly and Woodchuck Cabins.


To celebrate their last night at camp, the kids go on an overnight camping trip while Ravi and Emma stay behind for their overnight counselor exams with Xander and Lou helping them.

At the campground, Griff tells Tiffany, Jorge, and Zuri that there's a cemetery nearby and that it's where the camp founder, Jedidiah Swearengen is buried and they all agree to sneak there. When they get to the cemetery, Griff tells them that if they call Jedidiah's name three his spirit will be released from his grave and he and Zuri trick Jorge into saying his name three times. A strong wind blows and the kids believe that his spirit was released, but nothing happens until they notice that Jedidiah's grave has been disturbed and believe they really released his ghost. They run out of the cemetery and come back to the campground, but goes back to capture Jedidiah's spirit and return him to his grave.

They arrive back at the cemetery and plan to lure the ghost using Jorge as the bait, so Griff can toss baby powder on the ghost so he could be seen and for Zuri to suck the ghost with a mini-vac. Their plan works, but it turns out to be Gladys who reveals that she dug the grave up to spit on it and plant flowers for him.

Meanwhile, Xander and Lou take Emma and Ravi to the woods to take their final test to become counselors by spending the night in the woods by themselves and to use their skills to build a shelter and fire and find food. The CITS manage to build a shelter made of twigs, but what they don't know is when they leave, Hazel is hiding behind a bush and destroys their shelter so they won't pass their exams when they get back. They build another one, but Hazel destroys that one too. Emma wastes all the water on her boots and they have no shelter. Xander is secretly watching over Emma and Ravi until they found him and Lou nearby and ask what they were doing. Xander says he was watching them because he wasn't sure if they could do it, but Lou believes that Emma and Ravi can do it on their own. Suddenly, Xander notices that the camp is on fire and the counselors and CITS along with the campers rush to the scene of the fire.

They arrive to see Woodchuck and Grizzly cabins on fire. Xander and Lou go to call the fire department while Ravi leads the campers to the emergency gathering spot near the lake and Emma stays behind to make sure no one else gets left behind. The fire department arrives to put out the fire.

The next morning the fire is out, but everything that was in the cabins are destroyed (except Tiffany's violin because of a fire-proof case). Gladys goes to the counselors and CITs and tells them that the firemen found a shorted-out curling iron still plugged in which belonged to Emma and an electric razor with a frayed wire which belonged to Ravi. Hazel tells Gladys to banish Emma, but Gladys says the firemen are still conducting their investigating.

When Ravi stubs his toe, he finds a melted candle holder under Xander's bed and figures out that the candle was what started the fire when it fell under the bed. Emma sees that the candle belongs to Hazel because the bottom is labeled "Essence of Xander" and that Hazel uses Xander's ear wax to make candles. Hazel admits that she's must've forgotten to put out the flame in the candle after her date with Xander's pillow.

When Gladys comes back Emma makes Hazel admit to Gladys that she started the fire but doesn't banish Hazel because she owns her dad 20 grand for her spider vain removal. Ravi says that he and Emma can't leave because they still need more time to take their overnight Counselor exams, but Gladys since the fire was a real life crisis, Emma and Ravi proved themselves worthy of being counselors and Gladys promotes them while Hazel is demoted to CIT for burning down the cabins to Hazel's horror that they're in charge of her next summer. Xander and Lou congratulate the new counselors.

A few hours later, It's time to go. Despite their cabins being burned down, the counselors and campers said it's not the cabins that make the camp special, but the people they meet. They gather together and sing the Kikiwaka song together.


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  • This episode's title comes from the Billy Joel song of the same name.
  • Emma and Ravi become Camp Counselors.
  • Gladys is actually kind to everyone in this episode, especially to Emma and Ravi.
  • Hazel gets demoted to CIT due to setting the grizzly and woodchuck cabins on fire by accident.
  • Bertram is mentioned in this episode.
  • Zuri says to Jorge "I've met bread smarter than you", which was also heard in another Pamela Eells-O'Connell show, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
  • As Griff said Xander had Justin Bieber figurines, which were destroyed by fire.
  • Griff and Zuri are dating since this episode takes place after the Great Escape.
  • Mrs. Kipling is mentioned in this episode. According to Ravi, she booked a tail-modeling gig in New York.
  • The camp van is a 1980s Dodge Ram Van.
  • This marks the final appearance of Xander, Jorge, Tiffany, Gladys, & Griff (they do not have appearance in season 3-7).
  • This is the final episode in production order.
  • This is Hazel's last appearance until Inn Trouble.
  • It is revealed that Xander screams like a girl.
  • This is the true Season 2 finale.
  • The dramatic music that plays when the cabins are on fire is reused from Queen Of Screams.


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