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Welcome to Camp Kikiwaka[]

I would still hide the bite-size kids.
Our brother, Luke, got stuck in summer school. Probably because he can't spell either of those words.
Could've gone my whole life without hearing that.
If we run fast enough, we might be able to catch the limo.
Say what now?
Tiffany, aren't you scared of the Kikiwaka?
Whoo-hoo! That was fun.
Tiffany, it's just a game. Who cares?
No, but I do want to talk to her about her parenting skills.
Lucky you. At least you don't have to listen to Tiffany's violin. Give it a rest!
Get electrocuted?
It's camp! The only permanent records they keep are how many kids get diarrhea from the lousy food! Uh-oh! I think it's about to be one more.
Not happening! I don't know what's more toxic, Tiffany's attitude, or what I left in that toilet!
What made this giant footprint?
I don't know. Why don't you stay here and ask it?
You sent Emma that note?
Like Tiffany's violin! Sorry.
Thanks, Tiff. And your violin never sounded better.
Oh! That was one unlucky moose.
That's because I threw in all of Tiffany's flashcards.
I'm going to make sure you have fun this summer, if it's the last thing I ever do.
Tonight, I'll teach you how to hollow out your mattress to hide stuff. With your book smarts and my street smarts, we're going to rule this camp!
Hey, guys, do you think the Kikiwaka's gonna come back tonight?

Gone Girl[]

Why are all you CITs selling stuff?
I like her legs. They remind me of a New York City subway map.
Your geek is on fleek.
Get him!
Are you done yet?
Whoa! You're willing to give me 50 bucks for a bite? And any of my bodily organs. That gives me an idea.
My point is, if you're willing to pay me 50 bucks for a bite, do you have any idea what the campers would pay for a whole bar?
Hey! You're a dollar short. You trying to rip me off?
You would think that would merit an announcement. Hey, Tiff. You know what would make you feel better? Buying some candy.
Exactly! That's why I can charge ten bucks for a single chocolate chip.
No, no, no, please don't tell!
Whoa, slow your roll. Maybe we can talk discount.
We've got ourselves a new customer.
Thanks for not ratting us out, Tiffany.
Hey, looking to score? I've got candy.
What's with the suit? What part of "inconspicuous" don't you understand?
When business is good!
So am I.
And this is my business partner?
Ah, okay, okay!
We all need candy, because you ate our entire supply before lunch! And you still haven't paid us!
That's because they are.
Unhook the cable!
That's not candy. That's a video game. And if you bite it, you bought it.
That's because I didn't ask you. I'm the brains. You're just the muscle, and not much of that.
What do you think you're doing?
By badmouthing my product?
Tiffany is fine.
Call me "nuts" again. I dare you. Come at the king, you best not miss.
You do, and you'll never taste anything sweet in this camp again.
Jorge, I saw what you just did. Why didn't you turn me in?
That's really cool, especially after the lousy way I treated you. Thank you, Jorge.
Tiffany, are you sure you don't want some candy?
Hey, Tiffany, can I have a turn?
I think we have a new problem!